Water Quality Monitoring of Post Fire Areas
Studies Conducted: on 2 fires; Holy 2018 Lake Elsinore Riverside and Orange Co. and the Tenaja Fire 2019 outside of S. Riverside Co.

Abstract: View it here.

How does post-fire runoff affect contaminant flux?
• Contaminant flux presentation will compare the relative mass contributions of contaminants from the burned catchments vs. the unburned natural areas.
• Understanding the effects of wildfires on contaminant flux provides information that can inform management actions, including strategies used to comply with water quality regulations.
Recommendations for Post-fire Monitoring Studies
• Study Design and Monitoring Logistics
• Safety Considerations

1. Rebekah Guill: Senior Flood Control Planner, Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District/Watershed Protection, rguill@rivco.org
2. Garth Engelhorn, CPSWQ, QISP/Tor: Senior Project Manager, Water Resources | NV5, garth.engelhorn@nv5.com

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Practitioners interested in effective and economical methods of erosion and sediment control leading to improved water and air quality; environmental restoration; and land stewardship.
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